Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Advisory establishes the privacy practices in the way information is handled within the website (from now own “the site”) which is property and operated by Almacenes Pama S.A. de C.V. (from now own “Pama”).

It describes the two types of information that “Pama” gathers about you and during your navigation our “the site” and the ways that “Pama” uses and shares this information.

Through this document we inform you that “Pama” protects your personal and financial information, sensitive and/or property data, for which we have put in place the necessary measures of security.

Each time “Pama” requires information about you a confidential and adequate treatment will be provided to it.

In the same way your personal, financial, property and/or sensitive data, will be treated accordingly to the principles of legality, consentment, information, quality, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility in the terms of the legal dispositions of the “Federal Protection Law of Personal Data” in private hands and their regulations, and also to comply with the established precepts of the “Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Illicit Operations with Illicit Resources”, it´s norms and regulations.

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The “site” might contain links to websites of other parties, keep in mind that when a click is made to such links you will be abandoning our “site” and will no longer be subject to our Privacy Policy.

“Pama” will not be responsible for the privacy policies of other websites or their services, which are not under our control or approval.

Our “Privacy Advisory” does not extend to the inner workings of the Internet which is also out of our control, and therefore may not in any way be applied against the current laws or government regulations.

Privacy Advisory

In terms of what is provided in the “Federal Protection Law of Personal Data in the hands of Private Parties” the Mercantile Society denominated as “Almacenes Pama S.A. de C.V.” located in the following address Avenida Rafael E. Melgar sur No.9 Col. Centro of Cozumel Island Municipality of Cozumel, State of Quintana Roo, Postal Code 77600, establishes the present Privacy Advisory in conformity with the following:

The Privacy and above all the security and handling of all of your information whether personal or business related it is very important to all of us, this with conformity with the above mentioned law we inform you and notify all of your clients, suppliers or any other person private or corporate our Privacy Advisory.

If by any reason or circumstance you provide us with data we will understand that you agree with the terms and conditions established in the present Privacy Advisory, the ends, handling and treatment of your data as well as the means and procedures that we put at your disposal to execute your right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO), will be found in the present advisory.

The responsible in the handling and the treatment of your data is the Mercantile Society with the legal address priorly mentioned for the effects of this advisory.

The personal date subject to treatment can be directly obtained when you come to one of our stores or offices, by way of our call center, or other electronic means, or any other mean or source permitted by the current law. The information of the obtained or to be obtained personal data, will be as follows: personal identification info (name, nationality, place and date of birth, age, marital status, occupation, address, gender, social security number, phone number, cell phone number, job description, email, job or particular references, work address, work phone number, work tittle, work email), estate information (bank accounts, financial statements, credit card information, other means of payment).

The final means and treatment of data are for the purpose of giving and executing the required or contracted service, to offer information about the service, to attend inquiries and complaints, evaluate the quality of the service, for commercial means, fiscal means or invoicing, improvement of service, updating information or physical or electronic storage of data or procedures. In the supposed case that we celebrate an act of commerce with you related with the service or services of our social objective, your data and information will be used to comply with the obligations derived from that legal relationship in the supposed case that the relationship is not contracted in the end, the provided data will be blocked and preserved only during the necessary term to comply with the legal obligations and afterwards it will be suppressed and eliminated.

Only the properly authorized personnel from Almacenes Pama S.A. de C.V. who have complied and observed all the corresponding requisites of confidentiality will be able to participate in the treatment of your personal data, being prohibited that such personnel allows access of non authorized personnel to the provided information, or to use the information for any other purpose than the above mentioned in this advisory.

The confidentiality to which the authorized personnel is obliged persists in an indefinite way even after they conclude their professional relationship with Almacenes Pama S.A. de C.V. and will be held responsible of the data base in which your information has been guarded and will implement the security measures whether it is electronic, technologic, administrative, physical or control related, necessary to protect your data and to avoid any damage, loss, destruction, modification, alteration or unauthorized access.

As a part of the mechanisims to manifest your objection to the treatment of your personal data, you will be able at any time to consult your information, rectify or oppose to the treatment of your personal data, for which you will have to attend our business address previously identified personally, or call the following phone number (52 987 8720090) or thru our website

With base on the articles 36 and 37 of the “Federal Protection Law of Personal Data in Possesion of Private Parties” the data provided can be transferred legally for the means established in the present advisory, including in the listed but not limited forms to our stores, offices, external contracted services, subsidiaries, affiliates and controlling entities of Almacenes Pama S.A. de C.V. within our country or in other countries if located there.

As a procedure to claim your ARCO rights, at any time from Monday thru Friday from 10 am and until 8 pm you may execute the right to access, rectify, cancel, oppose or revoque your consent for the treatment of your personal data, in writing at our offices or thru email to [email protected] being this the last case, that by using this method express authorization is given and consentment for the notification that may be generated that due to your request be sent to the email of origin, that which must contain your personal info in respect to (name, address, phone number) and a precise and clear description of the personal data in which you expressly desire to make you ARCO rights effective and in it’s case the express manifestation to revoque your authorization and consent to the treatment of your data.

The client guarantees that the information given are real, exact and complete, for which it becomes responsible for any damage, falsehood, perjury, identity theft that from them may emerge, freeing Almacenes Pama S.A. de C.V. from such responsibility.

In order to proceed with any of the ARCO rights you must previously prove your identitly with the proper document. The procedure will be processed in accordance to terms, time and stages that the law indicates on the matter.

The mechanism and procedure for the revocation of consent from the client that has been given to the Company that might be necessary to the treatment of personal data in order for them to stop being used will be done in the terms of the above paragraph of this advisory. If what you wish is to limit the use, transference or divulgement of the data it is necessary to come to our offices in the above stated address to do so or contact us via email at the following email address [email protected]

It is understood that express consentment is given when there is no opositon to the treatment of personal data in the established terms of this advisory.

The Company reserves the rights to modify the present advisory thru the actualization of it at any given time, properly informing the clients thru it’s web page or by any means of communication that it esteems adequate. We inform you that the above mentioned website does not use any means of technology to follow our visitors prefferences.

You may contact us or write to us thru the website or to the email [email protected] or to the telephone number (52-987) (8720090) from any part of Mexico, being the last date of actualization of this Privacy Advisory the 31st of March of 2016

Should you require further information, please contact our department of personal data in the following email: [email protected].