Frequently asked questions.

  1. Are the products sold by PAMA original?
    All the products sold by PAMA are original, most of them imported from Europe. We have direct contact with representatives from these luxurious brands. Some of the brands are managed exclusively by PAMA.
  2. Can we find the latest products in PAMA?
    Of course, PAMA works directly with the brands to make sure the latest novelties are available at the store.
  3. Do the products include warranty?
    Definitely yes, PAMA offers a warranty of 30 days against manufacturing defects. In addition, every brand offers its own warranty over their products which you can find by visiting their website.
  4. Does PAMA offer services for watch maintenance?
    PAMA offers a Department of preventive and corrective services for watches. We use only original parts and have a trained and certified watchmaker.
  5. Can I pay in dollars and/or by credit card?
    We accept dollars and all kinds of debit and credit cards.
  6. If I’m a foreigner, do I have an option of recovering the taxes I paid on the purchase?
    Yes, we have an in-store module for “MoneyBack” so you could do the arrangements without even leaving the store. By filling the documentation within no more than 45 days you will get back 8.5% of the amount purchased.
  7. NOTE: for more information visit the webpage:

  1. Does PAMA have Gift Certificates?
    PAMA offers “Gift Certificates”, coins specially minted for PAMA worth $50.00, $100.00 and $500.00. You can buy them and pamper your loved ones. This is valid for all the products at the store and has no expiration date.

    • Ask for promotions in the sale of “Gift Certificates”.
    • It doesn’t apply with other promotions.
  2. What happens if I make a big purchase?
    In PAMA we acknowledge and pamper our clients with discounts and gifts. On your next purchase of 120 dollars of more you’ll receive a surprise gift.
  3. What happens if I want something that is out of stock? Can PAMA get me the product I want?
    Definitely yes, on your next purchase ask for the detail on “Special Purchases” with your sales assistant.
  4. If I have any doubt regarding the use of products bought at the store, can you assist or advice me?
    PAMA has qualified staff that will not have a problem in trying to clarify your doubts regarding the products that we sell. We also have contact with the brand representatives in case you require a deeper assistance.
  5. Do you have “Pre-Owned” merchandise?
    PAMA has a section in which you can acquire “Pre-Owned Merchandise”. These articles belong to recognized brands and have been inspected by our qualified staff. It include warranty over them.
  6. NOTE:
    If you require more information please contact the Department of Preventive and Corrective Service.